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 Reiki 3 Pak: Reiki I, II, III/Master




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25 CE Hrs=$350 Reiki I, II & III + Portal to Energy Healing  



24 CE Hrs=$350 CranialSacral I







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Simply turn in your seminar materials by the end of the first day for a full refund.

Healing  Arts  Connection, LLC  provides effective and innovative mind-body-spirit continuing education to bodyworkers, massage therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals as well to those interested in expanding  their opportunities for  healing, peace, fulfillment, satisfaction and connection.

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ACE (Autonomic Cranial Enhancement)


Body Contouring

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Cranial Sacral
Cranial Neural Suport for Longevity

Cupping - Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue Integration

DNA Cell(f) Imagery™

Facial Rejuvenation

Geriatric Massage
The Intuitive Pathway

Lymphatic Drainage

MYO Trigger Point Releases - Full Body, Upper Body, Lower Body

Marsha's Classes

Oncology Massage

Infant Massage Teacher Certification - Teaching Parents
Perinatal Massage

Portal to Energy Healing



Reiki Master Teacher

Rock n’ Rain™
Spiritual Surgery

Thai Foot Massage
Traditional Thai Massage