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National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworkers
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Randa Stanford
Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)


Postural Integration to Relieve Pain thru Therapeutic Massage


24 CEs


Postural Integration to Relieve Pain thru Therapeutic Massage: Spine

January 22-24, 2018 
Mon-Wed ( 9a-6p)  
24 CE Hrs - $390/$350 Early Bird 1.13

Postural Integration to Relieve Pain thru Therapeutic Massage: Pelvic, Lower & Upper Extremities

February 17-19, 2018 
Sat-Mon (President's Day) ( 9a-6p) 
24 CE Hrs - $390/$350 Early Bird 2.3

$50 Deposit to hold your place - see drop down menu to the right.  


Postural Integration to Relieve Pain thru Therapeutic Massage: Spine SPINE and/or 

classes  cancelled as instructor not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Postural Integration to Relieve Pain thru Therapeutic Massage: Spine OR Pelvic, Lower & Upper Extremities
Spine issues
Injured joints
Manual workers
Sports people
Pregnancy – stress on spine, hips
Sitting at a desk, chair, wheel chair, etc
Drivers of all kinds
Notice: Arizona Massage Therapy License Renewal:  Effective September 13, 2013 Continuing Education has been reduced to 24 hours. https://massagetherapy.az.gov/for-applicants 

Postural Integration to Relieve Pain thru Therapeutic Massage

Course Description:

This course emphasizes Postural Integration for individuals with postural formations that the massage therapist observes on the patient’s/client’s body. These postural formations occur in the spine, pelvis, upper extremities and lower extremities and if corrected, can alleviate pain as well as improve functioning. Therapists will discover that some of the postural deviations are from habitual ways of resting or using the body. This class will provide guidance on how the therapist can assess and provide treatment to address and correct the posture. You will also be able to provide patients/clients suggestions for home programs to assist with correcting their postural deviations.  

Course Highlights: 

These classes will cover 30 most common postural formations:  

Spine - The 10 spinal postures include increased cervical lordosis, lateral flexion of the head and neck, forward head posture, rotation of the head, kyphosis, flat back, rotated thorax, hyperlordois, hypolordois, and scoliosis.   

Pelvic, Lower & Upper Extremities

  • The 4 most common pelvic postures are anterior pelvic tilt, posterior pelvic tilt, pelvic rotation and laterally tilted pelvis.
  • The 10 common lower extremity postures are internal rotation of the hips, genu recurvatum, genu flexum, genu varum, genu valgum, tibal torsion, pes plantus, pes caves, pes vlagus and pes varus.
  • The 6 shoulder and upper extremity postures are protracted scapula, elevated shoulder, winged scapula, internally rotated humerus, flexed elbows and hyperextend elbows.

 Class materials includes information on muscles that are shortened and lengthened, information on your plan of action or treatment and information on a home program for the patient/client to do on their own.

Prerequisites: Massage Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse, Chiropractor or student or permission of instructor.  Healthy & capable of receiving and giving massage.  Not recommended if pregnant.

Instructor: Randa Stanford, LMT

CE Hrs: Spine: 24;   Pelvic, Lower, Upper Extremities: 24 

Both SPINE & PELVIC, LOWER, UPPER EXTREMITIES = 40 CE's (Day 1 of PELVIC...is review - attendance optional)

Fee:  24 CEs = $390/$350 if paid by Early Bird Date
40 CEs = $700 $600
Included in Fee:  Book POSTURAL CORRECTION by Jane Johnson

  Bring to class: 2 sheets, 2 hand towels, bath towel, water bottle
  Bring to wear:
Shorts & women need thin strapped tank top

Special hotel prices for Healing Arts Connection guests

  About Randa Stanford, LMT, RM   

  Randa Stanford is the Owner of Life in Symmetry Massage, LLC

  "I am a 2007 graduate of the former Arizona School of Massage Therapy, Phoenix Campus. I stayed at the school for 3 years as the Education Assistant, Tutor and Student Success Skills facilitator. In 2010, I pursued my dream to have my own private massage practice, Life in Symmetry Massage.  In the last 10 years I have worked with many athletes (professional and recreational), firefighters, law enforcement, nurses, dentists, dental assistants and many different occupations in between.  Injury Massage, Postural Integration, Trigger Point, Hydrotherapy, Hot Stone, Reiki, Cranial, Lymphatic are some of the many techniques I use to meet my clients individual needs. I feel it is very important to be able to use my massage knowledge to view,  palpate and address a client’s dysfunction/complaints and educate my clients to their role in their health,  I also have been an instructor at ASMT and taught Anatomy, Pathology, Injury Massage, Trigger Point, Cranial Sacral, Professional Development, Massage Therapy Basics and Advanced massage. 

 I missed the connection with students, the magic of teaching. so I have been working to have both in my life. Performing massage, educating clients and instructing students to be the best massage therapists they can be…so my story and dreams continue at Healing Arts Connection. Please join me in the pursuit of knowledge and health."



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