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Infant Massage Instructor Certification - 24 CE Hrs Tammy Roecker
TBD  Mon-Wed (8a-5p)

24 CEs=$450/
$390 Early Bird 


Infant Massage Instructor Certification is a blend of theory, current evidenced-based research and practical and experimental learning that allows for academic study, practical application and self-discovery.  All classes include a variety of learning methods including a full PowerPoint lecture and other visual aids, along with hands on demonstration and hands on practice.  Real, live babies and mothers volunteer and participate in our classes so students can see the early bonding methods take place, right in front of their eyes, as the interaction is performed.  ​We provide a supportive learning and testing environment in the classroom, as well as, support and mentoring after class concludes.

This comprehensive 3 day workshop will teach you the necessary tools to empower families, while they learn to calm, connect and communicate with their child, in individual or group classes.  We will cover infant and pediatric massage and early bonding techniques for the newly conceived, the health newborn, adaptations for children as they grow, and issues relating to school-aged children.  We will also cover transitions for special needs, including Autism, Down's Syndrome, hearing and visual impairments, babies born early, NICU/medically fragile, adoption and fostering issues.  Students will be able to identify the different behavioral states, and read baby's cues, as well as, the different types of cries communicated and meaning behind non-verbal language.  Students will be able to help parents with issues like colic, constipation, teething, chest congestion and asthma.  Students will learn supportive techniques such as how to swaddle, use of white noise, and an introduction to energy techniques such as Reiki and Cranial Sacral.  You will also learn the intelligence of playing and how music and games can be added to help parents and babies learn from each other.  Current evidenced-based research on growth and brain development is always included along with current touch research.

Prerequisites: NONE.  This program is designed for continuing education for already Licensed Massage Therapists, Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Doulas, Counselors, Family Support Staff, Parents, Grandparents and those involved in child care.

Required Class Materials: Students need to bring a doll about the size of an 8-10 month old baby with a soft body and hard hands and feet, a towel, blanket and water bottle (filtered water available for refills).  If possible, identify a parent/baby (3-9mo) to volunteer on Day 3 from 1:30-2:30pm for the parenting class the students will be teaching.

CE Hours: 24 CE Hour certificate issued with 100% attendance; satisfactory participation in the class activities; and passing the written and practical test. Infant Massage Instructor Certification” will be issued once teaching assignment is completed after seminar.  Teaching assignment: Teach 3 families with documentation within 12 months time.  




The Early Bonding Foundation is an approved provider by the CA-BRN California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider #16373

The NCBTMB-National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork #451668-11

CE Broker CEP# 50-16450 Course#20-446733

"This Certification is the most comprehensive pre/perinatal course I have ever taken.  the course cover physical, mental, and emotional aspects of childbearing, childrearing, and helping parents/caregivers honor the points of view of babies, parents, and childcare providers and professionals.  I LOVED THIS COURSE! A+" - Susan Highsmith, PhD. Pre and Perinatal Psychologist, Author of "The Renaissance of Birth

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Imagine being supported with massage that addresses your physiological, structural and emotional wellbeing during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Imagine, too, your baby receiving the same. Massage therapists and other health professionals certified in Perinatal Massage (PM), and Pediatric Massage and Early Bonding (PMEB) are available to offer such support.  

Studies show that pregnancy massage can relieve muscle and joint pain, improve circulation, reduce edema, help regulate hormones, ease stress and anxiety, and improve the outcome of labor and newborn health. Pediatric massage offers a host of benefits, the most profound being nurturing touch, which creates a deep and lasting bond between baby and caregivers. Researchers discovered, too, that infant massage encourages weight gain, good digestion, immune and neurological function and promotes restful sleep. For infants with health challenges, massage can provide the physical and psychological reinforcement to foster healing.

Master Trainer, Tammy Roecker, offers instruction for both certifications at Healing Arts Connection Continuing Education Center. She is the Founder and President of the Early Bonding Foundation and an AZ Licensed, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist for over 20 years, with extra certifications in Pre-and Perinatal Massage. She is also a Certified Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator, and Personal Trainer focused on Perinatal Fitness. Her interest in pre and perinatal massage began with the search for her own pre-conception to postpartum care, and her focus on infant massage and early bonding techniques began when they helped alleviate her own child’s colic.  

Perinatal Massage Certification is designed for LMTs and healthcare professionals with an understanding of female reproductive anatomy. Students learn about contraindications, possible complications and risk factors of pregnancy, comfort techniques for labor, and restoration of postpartum musculature and postural integrity. They also glean information on bonding in the womb, during labor and after birth, as well as postpartum attachment issues. (next certification class February 27-28 & March 1-2, 2017)  

Infant Massage Instructor Certification Certification offers continuing education for healthcare professionals, Doulas, Counselors, Parents, Family Support Staff, and those involved with childcare. This comprehensive 3-day workshop empowers participants to calm, connect and communicate with their child, from birth through teen years, using safe touch/massage and focusing on non-verbal and behavioral states; learn about attachment and repairing attachment; prevention and recognition of all forms of abuse; understand transitions for special needs such as Autism, Down’s Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy; review history and evidence-based research on growth, brain development and therapeutic touch. All learning is geared towards raising secure, joyful, empathetic children.

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Refund/Cancellation Policy for Geriatric, Pregnancy Massage, Perinatal Massage Certification and Infant Massage Instructor Certification:  There are no refunds under any circumstances, if unable to attend, you can reschedule to another available class.   If class is cancelled, a full refund of the fee will be made.   There will be no reimbursement for additional costs a participant may have incurred, such as, food, travel, lodging and other incidentals. Allow time for travel delays as latecomers may be refused admission.


Instructor: Tammy Roecker, LMT, NCTB, Certified: Pre/Peri-Natal Massage; Personal Trainer through AFAA with extra training in Perinatal Fitness; Birth Doula;  Early Childbirth Educator; Infant Massage Instructor & Trainer  NCBTMB Approved Provider #451668-11, CA-BRN CEP#16373, CE Broker Approved FL OT


Painting "Unconditional Love" by Rassouli used with permission and available at www.rassouli.com

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