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Marsha's Classes Tri-Vortex

Transformational Weekend with Marsha Craven
"I Love Myself" - DNA Cell(f) Imagery and Communication
February 8-11, 2018 - Thursday (1-4p), Friday-Sunday (10a-6p)  Sold Out 

You CAN achieve what you believe ~ your goals are TOTALLY possible!
Learn techniques to help you live the life you CHOOSE!
~ Ancient Wisdom meets Quantum Science ~


   "I Love Myself" Special
24 CE Hrs=$390 separately or $350 Early Bird


"I Love Myself" Special - Feb 8-11, 2018 - Thu pm-Sun
DNA Cell(f) Imagery INTRO ~  Feb 8, Thu ~ 1-4p 
DNA Cell(f) Imagery & Communication  Feb 9-11 ~ 10a-6p
24 CE Hours - $390 or $
350 Early Bird SOLD OUT
or 3 CE Hrs = $40 - Day 1 (1-4pm)


Sold Out 
Deposit or payments for "I Love Myself' Special 
total $390/$350 Early Bird
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DNA Cell(f) Imagery INTRO - Explore possibilities

February 8, 2018, Thursday  ~ 1-4p

Note:  Those who purchase DNA INTRO for $40 may continue on for the full weekend for an additional $320 subject to space available. WEEKEND IS SOLD OUT

3 CE Hrs ~ $40
DNA INTRO 1-4pm Select Date

NCBTMB Approved Provider #424853-00       Email healingtools4u@cox.net to be put on list for next seminar





Healing Arts Connection, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider 

Printable Schedule

Marsha's Classes

Deposit $50


Healing  Arts  Connection, LLC  provides effective and innovative body-mind-spirit continuing education for massage therapists, bodyworkers, nurses and other healthcare professionals as well to those interested in expanding  their opportunities for  healing, peace, fulfillment, satisfaction and connection.



"I'm using the healing techniques from Marsha's class constantly, like on almost every client, family member, and myself. It has really deepened my healing work. It incorporates well with whatever healing methods you use. Take the class--it is very rich and full!"  Sue Hovland, RN, BSN, CMT, CHTP/I; Denver, CO.; Program Founder & Instructor: Experiential Anatomy & Physiology

“It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though limits to our abilities do not exist. We are collaborators in creation.”  Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

DNA Cell(f) Imagery INTRO (3) CE Hours
Subject Matter: Explore the role of subtle energy in massage and bodywork

DNA Cell(f) Imagery & Communication (21 CE Hours)
Subject Matter: Experience the role of imagery, subtle energy & communication in massage and bodywork and effectively integrating Body-Mind-Spirit in massage and bodywork

 The DNA Cell(f) Imagery INTRO, Imagery and Communication CE classes teach massage therapists and bodyworkers how to increase the effectiveness of massage therapy modalities in promoting  wellness, relaxation, stress reduction and pain relief through the use of imagery and communication.  Students are taught how to incorporate verbal as well as kinesthetic communication tools into their massage and bodywork to provide general and specific therapeutic benefits for each unique individual client.

Class Description:

These classes give participants an opportunity to discover how combining ancient wisdoms with quantum science principles can create profound healing for others and oneself.  By developing a clear understanding of the subtle energy & body-mind-spirit connections, massage therapists, bodyworkers, health care professionals and other healing facilitators can help increase the positive response to massage and bodywork, which can enhance and deepen a client's healing experience.

Participants learn how to connect to the core of their own being and work from the heart, our source of unconditional love.  Lectures include study of the four brainwave frequencies, how to move into the theta state instantly, and when to use imagery and set intentions with clients that can contribute to integrated healing at the DNA/cellular level.  Participants also explore ways in which belief systems influence the body, learn about appropriate communication skills, personal boundaries, and the importance of making sure that beliefs come from the client and are not projections from the therapist.

In extensive, supervised sessions, participants pair up to practice and master these principles and techniques, which also include aspects of kinesiology and body mapping/re-mapping as tools to illuminate clients' underlying belief systems.  The process of transforming belief systems in others, or oneself, can nudge an out-of-balance system toward homeostasis and bring long lasting benefits to the body-mind-spirit.

DNA Cell(f) Imagery & Communication

Transform Your Infinite Possibilities into Probabilities of Your Choosing

Use your DNA to transform your beliefs and biology.

The exciting healing techniques offered in this course are founded in ancient wisdom and applied through the principles of quantum science.

You can totally change the way you think and feel by learning how to work with the very core of your being.  Using your brain waves, you offer yourself and others a way to receive dramatic healing that can be life changing.

DNA Cell(f) Imagery & Communication gives you inspiring information and teaches amazing techniques for self-healing and empowerment:

◊  The DNA story and importance of brain waves (gamma, beta, theta, and delta)

◊  The power of the subconscious - the theta state of the human mind

◊  How to lower your brain waves in 30 seconds to make the theta connection

◊   How to use visualization to command subtle energy changes for your best interest

◊   Learn about the four levels of belief systems and how to change them

◊   "Dis-ease" and how to connect with the universal energy to promote healing

◊   How to locate physical and emotional areas ready for healing

◊   How to activate healing at the cellular/DNA level

◊   How to activate the pineal gland, third eye or "seat of the soul"

◊   Transform beliefs that no longer serve

   Use energetic kinesiology to communicate with your body

   Use a body map to locate key belief-holding areas

   Learn to transform pain that no longer serves you

   Learn to transform limiting beliefs into self-enhancing beliefs

   Ethics:  Free Agency & working with permission

   Transform fear into self-enhancing actions

   Experience abundance, light and unconditional love - NOW

   Plenty of hands-on practice with these amazing transformational tools

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Location:  Healing Arts Connection Continuing Education Center
                  1715 W Northern Ave, Ste. 100, Phoenix, AZ 85021

 "DNA Cell(f) Imagery™” and Belief Systems Transformation™ evolved from my “Cell(f) Command Therapy” which I began using in the mid-1980’s and began teaching in 1992.  Additional resources came from studying the work of individuals who have dedicated their lives to healing through integration of science, mind, body and spirit:  Lavona Stillman, PhD; Dr. Thomas Faulkner, DC; Dr. Max Garten, DC, ND; Robert V. Gerard, PhD; Vianna Stibal; Theresa Dale, PhD; Rupert Sheldrake, PhD and Rosalind Franklin, PhD.”  Marsha Craven, 2005

Notice:  Information provided through Healing Arts Connection, LLC seminars, consultations, website and other written and verbal communication is for educational purposes only and is intended to complement, not replace medical treatment.  This information is not a substitute for medical advice and we are not diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.  Please do not delay consultation with an appropriate health care provider for a potentially serious physical, mental or emotional symptom or condition.

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