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Autonomic Cranial Enhancement (ACE)
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Healing  Arts  Connection, LLC  provides effective and innovative mind-body-spirit continuing education to bodyworkers, massage therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals as well to those interested in expanding  their opportunities for  healing, peace, fulfillment, satisfaction and connection.


Healing Arts Connection, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider # 42485300.

Per ARS R4-15-302.
Continuing education taught by Healing Arts Connection is accepted by the Arizona State Board of Massage Licensing as Healing Arts Connection is authorized as a provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, #42485300.



TBD (10-6p)
ACE =14 CE Hrs=$240/
$220 Early Bird 


Click here for comments from participants in ACE Seminars:

ACE (Autonomic Cranial Enhancement) is designed to release people from the energy related to fight/flight/freeze restrictions.  The ACE protocol is used by massage therapists and bodyworkers to restore balance to the body, including the electromagnetic field. 

Students learn an efficient method of communicating with the body using specialized kinesiology.  This class includes a review the anatomical areas involved in the protocol as well as related physiology.  The cardiac back along with the limbic and endocrine systems become the focus.  As critical as the spine is to the musculoskeletal and central nervous systems and the energetic body, it becomes the place where compensations, made to successfully survive short-term threats, become locked and create long-term imbalances with rippling effects.  A compensating imbalance, locked in one part of the spine, creates imbalances in other parts of the spine, which eventually spread throughout the body and its systems.  Participants learn to use the ACE protocol to guide the body in unlocking these compensations, thus allowing self-healing which creates cranial & spinal rebalancing and the resulting organization and integration of systems throughout the body.  Participants gain confidence in their knowledge and skill to practice the protocol with others.  Prerequisite:  None   Contact Hours: 14

Instructor: Marsha Craven, LMT, RMT, CCHt who has studied energetic kinesiology with some of the most innovative practitioner/teachers in the field.

Autonomic Cranial Enhancement (ACE) 

Email healingtools4u@cox.net to be put on list for additional dates
ACE (Autonomic Cranial Enhancement)

Dec 15-16, 2017 ~ Fri-Sat (10-6p)
ACE =14 CE Hrs=$240/
$220 Early Bird 

ACE =14 CE Hrs=$240/$220 Early Bird

Email healingtools4u@cox.net to be put on list for upcoming ACE class

Additional Information on ACE

Autonomic Cranial Enhancement (ACE) is an specialized energetic kinesiology educational modality designed to use information stored in the body to improve self-healing and well-being. The ACE protocols have been designed specifically to support the body in organizing or restoring the central nervous system to its optimum state.  This non-invasive, neurological, energetic and physiological rebalancing is based on restoring balance to the body, including the electromagnetic field.

When trauma occurs (i.e., cesarean birth, difficult birth, car accident, traumatic blow, a fall landing on the coccyx, emotional trauma, etc), the nervous system goes into a survival and/or protective mode, both physically and energetically. This is labeled as “fight/flight/freeze” syndrome. This survival mode creates a state that keeps us alert, creating certain internal and external patterns in our body.  Holding these chaotic physical, emotional and energetic patterns creates stress, fatigue and pain.  Stress from sustaining this survival mode, frequently results in overworked adrenal glands and eventually leads to deterioration of other body systems. 

The ACE protocols use specialized kinesiology on reference points that include cranialsacral areas, acupuncture meridians, reflex systems, skin reflectors and magnetic energy.  Specialized kinesiology provides information as a biofeedback mechanism to assess the energetic systems as reflected in the autonomic part of the central nervous system.  This feedback, from the body itself, is used to guide and assist in identifying and employing appropriate protocols for promoting, restoring and maintaining balance within the energetic and physical systems.   The feedback also takes into account the body’s awareness of itself, including eyes open and closed, various eye directions and different body positions (standing, sitting or lying) as the body remembers the circumstances surrounding the trauma.

The ACE protocol works with the nervous system skin receptors to determine which receptors are “out” or not working to their full potential. When indicated, the facilitator stimulates these skin receptors with a rubbing or pumping action to support the body’s return to its original operating parameters. In other words, this technique finds where the body is in fight/flight/freeze and tells the nervous system it can stop holding this pattern and go back to normal, allowing structural balance and optimum organization. The rebalancing generally holds, unless the individual experiences another trauma, primarily physical.

Some of the benefits ACE recipients have experienced through this process of educating the body include:

    Improved structural alignment,

    Decreased pain and stress,

    Improved musculoskeletal function,

    Decreased musculoskeletal aches & pain,

    Decreased/relieved headaches,

    Creation of a deep relaxation within the body,

    Improved boundaries with others, and

    A general sense of wellbeing.

The initial ACE work takes about one hour and is done fully clothed on a massage table.  Re-balancing and  re-education of the immune, digestive, limbic and reproductive systems as well as other issues are addressed in subsequent visits.

ACE is strictly an educational model and is not used to diagnose, prescribe or treat any illness or condition.

Notice:  Information provided through Healing Arts Connection, LLC seminars, consultations, website and other written and verbal communication is for educational purposes only and is intended to complement, not replace medical treatment.  This information is not a substitute for medical advice and we are not diagnosing or treating specific health challenges.  Please do not delay consultation with an appropriate health care provider for a potentially serious physical, mental or emotional symptom or condition.

Comments from participants in ACE Seminars: "As always, Marsha's classes are well organized, well taught and the manuals are very well written & illustrated." VL, LMT, LPN Jan'10

"Really looking forward to helping certain clients right away.  I have 2-3 clients who need this right now...immediately." IP, LMT & CranialSacral Therapist, Jan'10

" Excellent!  I really liked the review with Marsha directing and us doing the protocol.  Another great tool to be of service for myself and others." MM, Instructor & LMT, Jan'10


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