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Tri-Vortex Technology

Healing Arts Connection is a distributor of Tri-Vortex Technology Healing Tools.
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About Tri-Vortex

Tri-Vortex Technology, developed by Brian David Andersen, is a very powerful system that imprints objects with the harmonic energy patterns of Hydrogen, Oxygen and Gold. Objects treated by the Tri-Vortex Technology become useful as healing tools, water and liquid purifiers and energizers.

When fluids (humans are 60% plus water) come in contact with healing tools treated by the Tri-Vortex Technology, the molecular structure of the fluid becomes organized and coherent. The coherent molecular structure of the fluid promotes maximum and rapid absorption into human cells as well as releasing tension in the body. Total absorption of fluids into the cells promotes youth, energy and vitality no matter what age or body type.

Individuals working with the healing tools treated by the Tri-Vortex Technology have felt relief from pain and physical tension. Improvements in emotional feelings and energy levels are also experienced when using the healing tools treated by the Tri-Vortex Technology.



Tri-Vortex Technology

Improve Taste & Quality of Any
Liquid or Solid Food

Instant Muscle Relaxation

Fast Pain Relief

More Peaceful Sleep

Deeper Meditations

Create Beautiful Healing Space




Test for Yourself!

Better Tasting Liquids

The liquids in your body and saliva in your mouth have a specific and particular molecular organization. Most liquids consumed by humans have molecular chaos and a tart after-bite.  The tart after-taste indicates the body will not efficiently absorb the liquid or nutrients into the cells. 

When the Tri-Vortex Technology product treats any liquid or solid food for 30 seconds, the liquid or solid food tastes smoother without a tart taste.  The smoother taste indicates the nutrients in the organized liquid or solid food will be more fully absorbed by the cells of your body.


Steel Amulets and Steel Plates 

Simply place the amulet or plate against any liquid container made from any material or any solid food for 30 seconds.  The brief treatment by the Tri-Vortex Technology products dramatically improves the taste and quality of any liquid or solid food.  Create your own “double blind” smell and taste tests to prove that the superb Tri-Vortex Technology products really work.


Laser Light Beam 

Point the light beam of the laser directly at the area of fatigue or pain for 30 seconds.  Any of these applications support instant muscle relaxation and fast pain relief for most conditions.  Use the red laser for more energy and the green for calming and relaxation.


Long Lasting or Temporary Results?

 Long lasting? Potentially, very definitely.  Tri-Vortex will be no different than anything else in the sense that it is never medication or treatment alone that brings about the desired result or even eliminates the cause of the distress.  Healing must always be considered from a holistic point of view and Tri-Vortex represents only part of the mind-body-spirit healing picture.

 True healing happens when people are prepared to make the right combination of personal shifts and changes: hydration, diet, exercise, belief systems, habits, prayer, faith and self-love.  Good questions to ask your self:  Do I want to get better?  When I am better, what will change in my life?  Am I worthy of the “good life”?


TriVortex healing tools hold their charge

Items treated with TriVortex will hold their charge at least five years. Cloth may be washed or dry cleaned according to instructions and the TriVortex charge will hold.  If it doesn't, items will be recharged...at no additional cost to the customer except postage.




Stretch Test

Scarves, Shawls, Veils

Everyone, no matter if you are a couch potato or a yoga instructor, has a sore, aching or "catch point" in the lower back, hamstrings or knees when you lock your knees straight and attempt to touch your toes.   The Tri-Vortex Technology significantly relieves the achy soreness or the "catch point" in the lower back, hamstrings or knees in a few minutes while touching your toes or other stretch exercises.


1.   Make sure any or all Tri-Vortex Technology
          products have not been exposed to your test
          subject for 24 hours.
2.   The individual locks their knees
3.   The individual lifts their hands above their head.
4.   The individual slowly bends over and attempts to
           touch their toes.
5.    Individual attains their maximum stretch point.
6.   Individual holds their maximum stretch point for two
          or three seconds.
7.   Individual lifts hands above their head.
8.    Individual identifies place on their body that is the
          achy, sore "catch point."
9.    Individual repeats steps two thru eight (optional)
10. Tri-Vortex Technology product is placed on achy
          sore "catch point" for three to five minutes.
11. Steps 2 thru 8 are repeated.

Has the achy sore "catch point" significantly changed and become less achy and sore or gone all together?  Brian David Andersen, Tri-Vortex distributors and purchasers have successfully conducted this test on literally thousands of individuals.


Simple Applications and Uses 

Simply place the steel amulet, steel plate, magnetic jewelry or fabric on the area of your body experiencing fatigue or pain.  Leave it there for 30 seconds or longer.   

Travelers have found that wrapping themselves in a shawl on long airplane trips reduces jet lag and fatigue. 

 Those using the shawls during meditation experience deeper meditations with increased peace and relaxation.

Wear the magnetic jewelry with Tri-Vortex added to the already powerful magnetic and crystal properties.

Use the beautiful materials to decorate special areas of your home where you want soft, flowing and healing energy in abundance.  Drape over a favorite chair or on a window.


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Notice:  No claims or implications are made about treating or curing human diseases by any TriVortex Technology product.  The Tri-Vortex Technology products simply support instant muscle relaxation and fast pain relief related to most conditions.