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Self-Care Worksheet
Create Wellness for Yourself
Checklist to help you determine the Lifestyle Supports that might work for you 


Healing Arts Connection, LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider # 424853.




Lifestyle Factors
[i] may be helpful in strengthening your lymphatic and immune systems.  Read endnotes i (Disclaimer) and ii (Caution).   

o      Check off those that feel right for you. 

o     From those checked, choose three (3) that you believe you can implement during the next 21 days. 

o      Discuss your choices with someone you trust.

o      Ask for the support you need to implement your choices.

o      At the end of 21 days, assess your progress and repeat the process.


Exercise is a Key Factor:

o      Breathing easily and deeply in an unrestricted way is important - exercise can help.

o      Regular practice of  lymphatic exercises

o     Walking, biking or any cardiovascular work.  Both the cardiovascular and the respiratory system are tied into the lymphatic system.

o      Get a mini trampoline and jump on it for five to 10 minutes daily.  Great for pumping leg lymph's.

o      Don’t over-exercise.  Limit workouts to 50 percent of your capacity.

Self-help Techniques:

o    Constantly do self massage - your jawbone, under your eyes, behind your ears, squeeze the muscles under your armpit and along side of your neck.

o     If a node is swollen or hard to touch, work around the area not on it.

o    Skin brush.  It is good to use a dry vegetable brush daily on your entire body, stroking toward the heart.

o    Meditation reduces stress that suppresses immune function.

o    Keep a journal.  Studies done on AIDS patients show that they can increase their depressed T lymphocyte cell counts and the immune response by keeping a journal.

o    Crying has been shown to strengthen the immune system and it releases toxins.

o    Incorporate positive thinking and words into your daily routine.

o    Practice imagery of healthy cellular and body functioning using your original blueprint.

Bodywork [ii]:

o      Lymphatic massage manually drains the lymph's and helps promote positive movement.

o      Lymphodema should be attended to immediately.

o      Pressing key acupressure points helps the body move fluids and creates energy flow.

o      Foot & Hand Reflexology will stimulate certain lymphatic reflexes.

o      Cranialsacral therapy and energy balancing support optimum functioning and flow.

o     Arrange for bodywork on a regular basis from a practitioner with whom you resonate.

o     Try different kinds of body-mind-spirit approaches to healing & well-being.

Personal cleansing:

o     Make sure that the natural exits from the body for toxins are kept open.  This includes ensuring that the bowels function daily, drinking adequate pure water so that the urine flow is over one quart a day for adults.

o     Remember, you need to sweat a few times a week whether its from exercise, a sauna, sex or menopausal hot flashes, or just the hot weather of summer.  

o     Drink green juices or fresh carrot juice, which flush the lymphatic system.

o     Eat good fats - avocados, olive oil and almond oil.

o     Drink water every hour on the hour.

o     A warm bath each day is very necessary to warm the body, open the pores and regulate your body's internal thermostat.

o    Cellulite cleansing body wraps help move toxins and reduce fluid and cellulite build-up.

Foods for boosting immune system and lymphatic functioning:


o      Eat regular meals and snacks – do not skip meals.

o      Pay attention to your diet by eating at least five vegetables and fruits everyday.

o      Favor fresh foods rather than processed or synthetic foods, such as carbonated soft drinks.  Avoid sugar.

o     Foods like garlic and onions help your immunity.  Garlic has been used for years to help the lungs get over bronchitis and colds.

o      Do not microwave your food. 

o      Avoid iced drinks because they weaken digestion.

o      Avoid impurities such as alcohol or chemical additives in food and water.

Exercises to Move Fluids and Balance Energy Flow:

o      Breath of fire (breathe in and out through nose while pumping the belly like a bellows for about 8-10 times, on the last breath, hold and then release with "Ha" sound)

o      Squat and do the breath of fire

o      Cross arms, hands under armpits, bend and squeeze

o      Arms spread out, play with fingers, compress them and extend

o      Hands behind head, bend down

o     Occipital node manipulation (eye nerve); grab earlobes, pull down, open jaw, close, then push tongue against teeth (great for ringing in the ears in kids)

o      Two fingers behind ears, come down under jaw to the mid point: open jaw and push against fingers with mild resistance (this is great for sore throats)

o      Turn the head down and pump the SCM muscle (sternocleidomastoid)

o      Hands behind back, head back, do breath of fire

o      Shrug shoulders up and down

o      With right hand touch left side where shoulder meets clavicle- left arm out- turn palm in and out, up and down, for about three minutes

o     Leg up on the table, fingers behind knee- bend up and down, stretch and massage nodes behind knee (good for baker's cyst)

o      Squeeze mandible and down the sub-clavius (pinching along collar bone)

o     Stick tongue out; curl up and under palate, pushing against the palate.  Suck it up against the palate.  Stick it out and pull and pump it- (brush the tongue am/pm from back and front, above and below- cleansing, use a tongue scraper or even a teaspoon.

This check-list is by no means complete.  Suggestions for additions are welcomed.  Send to info@How2Heal.com

[i] DISCLAIMER: These results may not be typical.  Results may vary from individual to individual.  Information is presented for the sole purpose of imparting education and is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease.  If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant or lactating, please consult your health professional.  Before making changes to your diet or routine, it is recommended that you speak with your physician.

[ii] Caution: Regular massage therapy sessions can help to boost your immune system by directly affecting circulation and indirectly affecting your lymphatic system. The circulation of red and white blood cells increase, which in turn helps to rid your body of unwanted debris or metabolic waste products that can cause disease.  Lymphatic massage techniques are beneficial in ridding your body of metabolic wastes; directly affecting your lymphatic system and indirectly affecting your circulation.  Take caution.  Massage therapy can worsen an infection or medical condition.  If you have generalized symptoms of infections such as a fever, lack of appetite, fatigue, muscle aches, etc., wait until they’re gone before having massage therapy.  Complete a detailed health form with your qualified massage therapist before your session. You may be asked to get clearance from your primary health care provider before going ahead with certain therapies.





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